About Us


We take each job seriously, no matter how big or small. Our experience shines through in both residential and commercial applications.

asphalt-paving-bronx-yonkers-westchesterWe are a family-owned and operated asphalt and masonry business that has been going strong for two generations. To us, asphalt and masonry aren’t just professions –– They are an art form. This ancient craft has intrigued our entire family. We love the different services we provide for both commercial and residential customers, we also love that it is a practical service that gives all our clients a useful product for years and years to come. We live and breathe our work. That is why we have study it on and off the jobsite and at every trade show we can get to.

Our team of skilled technicians is able to handle jobs of any size. We thrive on challenging projects that help us show exactly who we are and what we can do. Even though we enjoy large projects, our level of attention to detail is superb.

We don’t just finish a job when it is functional. We make sure all the bells and whistles have been provided to give a bit of extra life to it. As for the products and services we provide, our company can pave driveways in blacktop or concrete.

We can repair or refinish an existing driveway as well. No matter what the condition, size, or shape, we can improve upon it so that the weather does not take its toll anymore.

But driveways aren’t where we stop. No parking area is too large! We install commercial parking lots. When doing so, we always make both usability and aesthetics our priorities. Again, we can install a new parking lot or resurface an existing one. Either way, you are sure to receive a superior service.

When it comes to masonry, we can install custom patios, walkways, and stoops. These are projects that we really take to heart because they give us a chance to use our problem-solving skills and flex our creative ambitions. No matter what is being laid, you are sure to be left with a product that not only matches your home and lifestyle, but adds a bit of the dramatic to your property.