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At C & P Paving contractors, we are known for our beautiful concrete and stamped concrete driveways that we provide for all our clients in the Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester and Rocklands. We provide a first class stamped concrete service, taking pride in each of the stamped concrete driveways or patios we do for our customers. We first remove any bad earth that may cause any shifting in the driveway or patio. After removing all the bad earth, we install a layer of class 5 base and compact it to make sure that the base is locked and will not shift.

We use the Industries strongest concrete mix which is specifically designed for long endurance concrete driveways. Our concrete mix reaches a PSI of 4500 to 6000 PSI. Our driveways are installed at 5.5” which is the industry’s max requirement. We don’t believe in cutting any of the corners as this could lead to our driveways not lasting as long as they are guaranteed to.

Expansion joints are one of the most critical aspects of every concrete driveway install. Expansion joints prevents the concrete from cracking. We place these joints as required and in the proper locations where the concrete will need to flex and expand to avoid it leading to cracking.



And lastly, one of the most important steps in a driveway install is applying a cure and seal to the finished concrete. All of our driveways have one to two coats of sealer making sure the finish is the highest possible. Applying concrete sealer helps the concrete maintain colour and protect against weather damage.


There is a large range of colors and patterns available if you are thinking of using stamped concrete, we recommend calling us as we can visually demonstrate the different designs and colors to you so that you understand the process and finished look before its even begun. Stamped concrete can not only be very durable but it can add value to any property.


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