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There is a lot of benefit to using concrete pavers for your driveway or patio instead of asphalt or concrete. Even more so when you get a professional masonry contractor in like C & P Paving Contractors. As our client we would like you to understand why sometimes the price might be a little bit higher than what it would be for a contemporary asphalt / concrete driveway or patio.

The cost difference between concrete pavers(paving bricks), asphalt and poured concrete is not big but you will probably find pavers do cost a little bit more. This small difference in cost is easily balanced out when you consider that over the years you will probably spend much less to maintain or repair a paver driveway in comparison to an asphalt driveway or poured concrete one.

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Let’s talk about maintenance and durability. Pavers are a more durable and easier to maintain than poured concrete. They do not suffer under stress or pressure the same way concrete does from shifting or weak spots. They stand up better to severe weather conditions and weather changes.

Concrete pavers are resistant to cracking and to other types of damage from weather conditions. If you do find that you need to repair some of your concrete pavers, it is an easy and low cost solution. The affected concrete paver is simply removed and replaced. Concrete driveways are much more difficult to fix when damage has occured.

When there is damage done to poured concrete you either have to dig the whole thing up and start over, which is very expensive, or you have to patch up the cracks, leaving unsightly patches from where you repaired it.


More than the maintenance and easy repair of concrete pavers is the undisputed fact the large range of colours and different styles of concrete pavers. Something that poured concrete or asphalt cannot match. With concrete pavers you can change things up with how the entrance of your house looks or how it enhances the rear of your house.



Pavers come in many colors, shapes, sizes, styles, patterns, textures and colors. Regardless of what idea you have in mind, pavers will have something for you. You can choose to combine concrete pavers with asphalt. To give it a border or an entrance apron. You can choose to use concrete the same way.

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