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With C & P Paving you can rest assured when it comes to our skills as a masonry contractor installing and repairing all types of masonry. We are qualified at designing and building any style and size of the masonry project your thinking of.  A nice masonry fireplace outdoors can bring character and a sense of style to any property. Maybe you are looking at putting up a beautiful stoop made of masonry bricks. Out in the garden area, a beautiful decorative wall can not only be functional with it serving as a retention wall for your flower bed, it can be quite beautiful.

We bring our experience to the table with each and every masonry project. We would be more than happy to discuss any masonry projects or ideas you have and see if we can help you achieving the look and function you are aiming for. We have more decades of experience in masonry work and can make your project take life with ease and beauty. Our aim is to finish each project on time and on budget.

All the work done by us at C & P Paving is done under a written guarantee. We use only the best products available in the masonry market so that we can deliver on our promise of being the most affordable masonry contractor in Yonkers, Bronx, Westchester and surrounding areas without compromising on the quality that all our clients expect from us.

Interested in having a patio done with pavers? Or maybe you would like a concrete driveway done. Make sure to check out our pavers and concrete sections for more information on all the quality work that C & P Paving can do for you.



We install all types of concrete patios and driveways including stamped concrete. With stamped concrete you can really mix up patterns and colors to create a beautiful unique patio or driveway. We provide this service to all our clients in Bronx, Westchester, Yonkers, Rockland and surrounding areas.

Masonry Repairs

Replacing or repairing masonry structures can be quite a challenging dilemma, especially without the right masonry contractor. We have a large merchant network which makes it easy for us to locate or recreate the bricks or stones that you will need to seamlessly replace your damaged or broken masonry walls to make your building complete.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls are meant to prevent the erosion of banks of soil that join or support residential properties. The size and type of retaining wall that you will need will always depend upon the mass of the soil that needs to be held back. Retaining walls can be inserted into your landscaping design and can even be constructed with built-in benches and fountains to give it some flair. Terraced walls can be built, if you are working with a steeper gradient. With terraced designs, it allows you to make the most of every usable square foot of your property, and are ideal for patios and gardens alike.

Smaller, gravity-style retaining walls are relatively simple to construct, because they are typically only between 3 to 4 feet tall. Larger cantilever and anchored walls, however, often can be more complicated because of the loads that these barriers will be expected to hold back.

We Repair Stucco

If your home has shifted or settled and you’ve noticed some cracks or holes starting to appear in your stucco, give us a call now. Our team at C & P have the knowledge, skill and experience to restore your stucco surfaces, from filling in the gaps to precisely matching the texture of your existing stucco.


For more information on how C & P Paving, your local professional masonry experts can help, contact us today or call us directly at (914) 963-2299